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Donator Rank Introduced!
« on: April 24, 2011, 11:17:51 am »
I decieded on making a Donator rank for any user that wishes to donate any amount of money. This is to help us upgrade our server. As you may all know that sometimes the forum is downa nd can become slow when there is alot of people on it. We need to buy Pro Hosting from our hosters which gives us the ability to make the site 100% owned by us so if our site gets big, theres no way they can take it off of us. Also there has been quite a few times latly where theres a screen saying uh oh, too many posts... that will stop too. Near the top of the site, there are sponsors adverts, they also will go. This costs us about 15 pound per month. We are not asking for everyone to donate alot but when someone wants to donate, they get thier own Donator Rank and they appear like this on the whos online and when they post:

If you are intrested in donating to us, please contact administrator and information will be supplied. It is a one time payment and lasts for ever! The only way to donate is via paypal. Sorry for that!

Thanks for reading this.

Hope to see you Donating!
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